Microneedling: A Prickly Subject?

What is Microneedling?
Skin needling is an increasingly popular treatment. However, there are many different forms available, such as Microneedling, Dermal Stamping and Dermal Rolling. They all work in broadly the same way: by puncturing the skin to create a controlled “injury” that prompts the body to heal itself by producing new collagen and elastin. However, certain methods are more invasive/painful than others. Prices also vary.
What is a Dermal Roller?
One of the earlier forms of microneedling is Dermal Rolling. A Dermal Roller is a device with many small surgical needles, which is rolled across the skin so the needles can easily penetrate it. The needle lengths vary between 0.13mm and 2.5mm, but they are all the same length, so the only way to alter the depth of penetration into the skin is by adjusting the pressure used. Obviously, a skilled aesthetician is essential, to ensure that the roller does not damage certain areas of the skin, while leaving others untouched. Another drawback to the dermal roller is that the needles can roll and pull into the skin on an angle, which can lead to micro tears in the skin. Not only is this very painful, it can also leave tracking marks on the skin, which in turn can result in post-treatment scarring. The downtime is longer, too. So once again, a skilled, experienced therapist is crucial in order to achieve a safe and effective result.
Réjuvapen Microneedling – The Innovative Option
Réjuvapen is a pioneering, next-generation microneedling tool, designed to help repair deep damage to the skin without causing further scarring or discomfort. It has many advantages compared with Dermal Rolling. The Réjuvapen tool has a removable, disposable needle tip which allows the needles to penetrate into the skin vertically rather than at an angle – thereby reducing the risk of micro tears and scarring. The easy-to-use device offers adjustable needle depth, giving the user complete control over the depth of penetration. This reduces the risk of damaging living skin cells – especially around the delicate eye and lip area – and also reduces the post-treatment downtime. In short, Réjuvapen offers safe, superior results – and a speedy recovery time. Call to book your consultation today!