Laser Nail Fungus Removal

Nail Fungus – Onychomycosis – is a common problem that can be difficult treat with oral drug solutions. Courthouse Clinics use ClearChoice, a virtually pain-free laser treatment that gives long-term results with a 95% success rate, so you can regain your healthy, vibrant nails.

The treatment combines two lasers to provide patients with a safe, effective and non-invasive solution to nail fungus. It takes less than ten minutes, and after just one treatment you’ll see the difference. Nail fungus can affect self-confidence and patients report that after treatment they feel more confident and relaxed about their appearance. Healthy, well-groomed nails can make you feel more like your fabulous self.*

It’s possible to treat nail fungus with both topical and oral drug solutions. They can be effective, but there is a risk of side effects that include headaches, diarrhoea, skin rashes and sometimes even liver damage and heart failure. ClearChoice has no risk of any of these side effects, and combined with immediately visible results it offers you the best possible solution for your nail fungus problem.


Conditions Treated
Nail Fungus

Treatable Areas
Toe Nails/Finger Nails

Single treatment from £190 – £335
Course of 4 from £680 – £1200

Prices are determined at a free of charge consultation where one of our expert doctors will assess how many sessions you will require.

Typically patients require 2-4 treatments.


You can go back to your daily activities immediately.

Results may vary based on a variety of factors, to ensure suitability you must attend a consultation*

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Treatment Photographs

Laser Nail Fungus Removal - Before and After

Treatment: Laser Nail Fungus Removal
Area Treated: Toes

Laser Nail Fungus Removal - Before and After

Treatment: Laser Nail Fungus Removal
Area Treated: Toes

I struggled with fungal nails for most of my late forties and early fifties to be honest. It just seemed to be something that happened, and I didn’t really want to seem vain and talk about it with anyone. I mean, they’re just nails aren’t they? It didn’t seem important. Just after my 55th birthday though, the infection seemed to suddenly spread, and the nails of all of my left foot became even more thickened and yellowed.

I saw ads on TV for creams and the like, but just by chance I heard a radio advert for ClearChoice. It seemed most effective, with no messing about, so I booked in to see a doctor and he treated me right there and then. It took about ten minutes, and was hardly uncomfortable at all. The doctor told me most creams can take months to work, so walking out of the clinic with clean-looking, healthier toes was a real boost for me!

Results may vary and are different for each individual.

Simon, Aged 56 - Watford

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the questions to reveal the answers. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to call our dedicated customer care team on 0845 555 5050.

How do I know if I’ve got nail fungus?
The most common signs of toenail fungus is yellow, brown, grey or white discolouration in parts or all of the nail. The thickness of the nail plate can become deformed with either a very rigid or a crumbling nail. Worse cases of nail fungus see an elevated or loose toenail that means moisture can infiltrate the nail, and bacteria can get between the nail and the skin. If left untreated, fungal nail infections can spread to the skin around the nail and cause Cellulitis, a bacterial infection under the skin, or even Osteomyelitis, an infection of the bone.

Sometimes a slight odour can indicate nail fungus, too.

How does ClearChoice work, exactly?
ClearChoice is the first treatment to combine two laser technologies into one comprehensive treatment.

The first laser, a Q-Switched laser, is a powerful laser that breaks the hard outer shell of the fungus spore, creating a clean target for the second laser. The second laser is a Nd:YAG laser, and this quickly and efficiently destroys the fungus capsule.

Combined, the lasers will make you see a difference even after just one treatment.

Will it hurt?
ClearChoice patients report that they feel little to no pain when they undergo treatment. The lasers are designed to be as pain-free as possible, meaning you’ll get a clinically-proven treatment with great results.*

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