New York Fashion Week’s Surgery Hit

NY fashion Week
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One of the show’s models, with “before” images in the background (image courtesy of

With London Fashion Week already underway in the UK’s capital, there’s barely been time to catch a breath since New York Fashion Week came to a close.

However, tongues are still wagging over Dr. Ramtin Kassir’s NY fashion week debut, where he put on the event’s first ever plastic surgery show.

Time Magazine reports that Kassir’s “Faces of Beauty” concept focused on models’ photographs of their “before”, then they sashayed down the catwalk to show off their “after”.

The mag writes, “Dr Kassir apparently hoped to dispel the stereotype that only Hollywood stars go under the knife [to] make plastic surgery seem more accessible to the general public.”

Despite the show causing a little controversy – New York Fashion Week founder Fern Mallis told the Daily News that “Fashion is about fashion… it’s not for people to decide what face-lift to get,” – we think it’s a great move.

Bad practitioners and discount providers flourish in an industry beset by confusion about how to spot a gold-standard treatment. By opening up a dialogue on a world stage like New York Fashion Week, we’re moving ever-closer to celebrating the safe, doctor-led facilities out there… and shutting down the cowboys.

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