Our Acne ebook featured in The Sun

acne Guide

Our incredible free resource, ACNE: a comprehensive guide to identifying, treating, and generally showing spots who the boss is, has been featured as a top pick in today’s copy of The Sun. 

On page 8 of the pull-out Me, the national newspaper’s guide to health, wellbeing and fitness, the publication charts eight of the best self-help books, with ACNE topping the list!

The book, penned by London-based writer Laura Jane Williams, is a collaboration with Courthouse Clinics’ skin expert Dr Robin Stones. The book focuses on what exactly acne is, how to limit the distressing effects of it, and how to build confidence in spite of it.

Part prevention and part cure, the hilarious and light-hearted guide is free to download here.

Courthouse Clinics have got years of experience dealing with acne and skin care, and compiling the combined knowledge of our team was no mean feat. We understand that acne is serious business: if affects how we feel about ourselves and our bodies, it can be isolating and shameful. Because we get that, this guide is geared up towards making you feel great about yourself.

If you’re struggling with bad skin and nothing you do seems to be helping, don’t forget that we offer a free skin health assessment with one of our specialist aestheticians, who will use 3D Scanner technology to asses sun damage, ageing, dehydration, moisture levels and recommend the best course of action for you.

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