Overdone It Over The Bank Holiday? Get Back On Track With ProLon®

We all love a long weekend, but a Bank Holiday often involves excess eating and drinking, which can easily lead to a few unwanted extra pounds. If you’re keen to lose the weight you’ve gained through boozy BBQs or feasts with friends, our ProLon® Fasting Mimicking Diet is the perfect quick-fix solution. How does ProLon® work? The ProLon® Fasting Mimicking Diet is a five-day meal programme that’s scientifically proven to promote health and longevity. Fasting can trigger many long-term benefits, such as fat-driven weight loss, cell regeneration and healthy ageing. The downside? It’s really difficult to do! That’s where ProLon®comes in. ProLon® is a unique ‘fasting with food’ plan that allows you to eat while your metabolism fasts, so you still reap the health and weight loss benefits. The ProLon® programme is quick and effective. Followers lose an average of 5lbs of fat (and 1.2 inches off their waist circumference) on each ProLon® five-day cycle. So it’s a fast, effective fix for any unwanted weight gain. Best of all, ProLon® achieves more than mere weight loss. Research indicates that following the ProLon® programme just two or three times a year can boost the immune system, and reduce the risk of high cholesterol, heart disease and other age-related diseases. The ProLon® meal plan includes plant-based soups, snacks, energy bars and supplements, which are preservative- and additive-free. And to make it really easy to incorporate into your daily routine, everything is presented in convenient, portable packaging. So what are you waiting for? Call us today on 0203 907 8828for more information, or visit our www.prolon.co.ukwebsite. ProLon® can help you drop those excess pounds in plenty of time for your summer holiday!