Plan Ahead! Be Silky-Smooth For Summer With Our Laser Hair Removal

We’re almost halfway through February, which might seem like a strange time to be thinking of bare legs and bikini lines, but it’s the perfect month to begin a course of Laser Hair Removal if you’d like to be hair-free and carefree this summer. Sometimes in life, you have to plan ahead. Our Laser Hair Removal treatments are fast and effective, but because the process only works on hair in the active growth stage, most areas require six to eight treatments – with some time in between – so there’s really no time to lose if you want to be silky-smooth for shorts season!
Effective results
We understand that excess face and body hair can be inconvenient, embarrassing and upsetting – and very time-consuming to control. Our Laser Hair Removal is a safe, fast and effective solution to a very common problem. We use the very latest lasers, operated only by experienced aestheticians, to achieve the very best results. So how does it work? In simple terms, the process uses the laser’s energy to target the melanin in the hair, which in turn heats the rest of the hair shaft. This heat weakens/destroys the hair follicle, which detaches. The hair falls out – and without the follicle, it cannot regrow. Our Laser Hair Removal is suitable for most hair colours, and all skin types. However, an added bonus of having treatment during the winter is that you’re less likely to be tanned, so your skin/hair can safely be treated with a higher, more effective setting. And our sophisticated equipment means a much faster treatment time – literally minutes for smaller areas!
Invest in the best
Laser might seem like an expensive option compared with other hair removal treatments, but in the long run it can save you serious amounts of money. Add up how much that monthly wax costs you per year, and you’ll soon realise what a sound investment laser is. Plus you can’t put a price on your valuable time! But keep an eye on our Special Offers page, as we often run promotions on our most popular treatments, to help your hard-earned money go further. And we even offer Payment Plans to help you spread the cost. So what are you waiting for? Call us today on 0203 907 8828 to book your appointment. Let us help you dare to bare and stay smoother for longer!