Prepare Your Skin for Summer with these 3 Beauty Treatments.

It’s safe to say that summer is well on its way. With the days getting longer and the nights getting lighter, it’s about time we started to make preparations for the warmer months! Get ready for all of the exciting things you’ve got planned for summer 2017, whether that’s holidays, festivals, parties or simply sunbathing in the garden – these treatments could help you look and feel your very best.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is a semi-permanent, virtually pain-free solution for getting rid of unwanted body hair. Whereas methods such as shaving or waxing can lead to unsightly bumps and irritated skin, Laser Hair Removal leaves the skin undamaged.

With Laser Hair Removal, there’s no downtime, pain, or scarring to worry about and you’ll be in clinic for less than 45 minutes, so you won’t need to give up much of your day for the treatment. If you want to enjoy smooth skin for longer, then this is the treatment you should go for. Plus you can treat a wide range of areas – almost anything from face to feet.

For the best results, you should aim for around 6-8 treatments in any particular area. However, the amount of sessions needed will depend on differnt factors, such as your hair type and colour. Start now if you want to enjoy the results this summer!

Fat Freezing

Fat Freezing is another great treatment to get you in summer mode. If you’ve got some stubborn fat that’s resistant to diet and exercise, Fat Freezing is an excellent alternative to liposuction, and you can see results in just one 70-minute session! As this is a non-surgical procedure, there’s zero downtime and the areas that can be treated includes arms, abdomen, and thighs. It’s recommended you have 2-3 treatments for the best possible results.

Fall in love with the new contours of your body and set some time aside to go shopping for some outfits to show them off!

Skin Health Assessment

You can’t see skin damage with the naked eye so a Skin Health Assessment is the perfect treatment to have before before the summer months arrive, as this treatment allows you to evaluate your skin’s condition, and get important details on ageing, sun damage, oily areas, and hydration levels. You can use your results to plan the best way to look after your skin when the sun shines.