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At Courthouse Clinics we believe in providing treatments that are not only beneficial aesthetically but also beneficial to your health. With PRP Facial Lift the results come from an increase of platelets in your blood, which works to help repair damage beneath the skin. Enjoy smoother, firmer skin the natural way.

Why choose PRP Facial Lift Therapy?

  • Natural, organic treatment

    Utilising your own body’s platelets and plasma

  • Fast procedure

    Takes less than 30 minutes for most patients

  • Safe and clinically proven

    Performed in a sterile surgical environment

  • Suitable for delicate areas

    Can be applied around the eyes and mouth

What can PRP Facial Lift Therapy do for you?

The PRP Facial Lift, also known as the Vampire Facial or Dracula Therapy, is a procedure that uses the platelets and plasma from the patient’s own blood to rejuvenate and revitalise the skin. It increases the production of collagen and restores radiance to the face.

As we age the concentration of platelets decreases in our blood and the complexion can begin to look tired and worn as a result, but with the PRP Facial Lift the boost of platelets creates a significantly healthier and youthful-looking appearance.

What issues are tackled with PRP Facial Lift Therapy?

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Lacklustre complexion

  • Skin laxity

  • Unhealthy-looking colouration of the skin

  • 'Tired' or 'worn' look

  • Mild volume loss

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during treatment?

One of our experienced aesthetic doctors will take a small amount of blood from your arm – no more than 50-100ml – and process it using a centrifuge to separate the plasma and platelets from the rest of the blood. This will then be injected with a tiny needle into predetermined sites on your face to improve the tone and texture of your skin.

Why choose PRP Facial Lift?

The vampire facial may sound like something from fiction, but it is actually one of the most natural and organic ways to improve skin health. The level of platelets in our blood naturally depletes with age and so if we increase the concentration in a particular area, it will provide significant benefits to the skin. Improvements will be seen particularly to ageing, dull and lacklustre complexions.

What does PRP stand for?

Platelet Rich Plasma. This is what our doctors extract from your blood to rejuvenate the skin.

Is it safe?

The treatment has undergone extensive clinical testing and is completely safe to use. It is performed in a sterile surgical environment and our experienced doctors follow strict procedures to ensure positive, safe results. Side effects are minimal but can include mild bruising or swelling around the treatment site.

Who is suitable for treatment?

The best candidates are those over the age of forty but we do offer a treatment for younger patients. To determine your suitability book a consultation with one of our doctors today.

How long does the treatment last?

Around 6 months, but this can vary from patient to patient.

Does it hurt?

A topical anaesthetic will be applied to the face beforehand. You may feel a slight pinch as the needle enters the skin, but most patients report they feel little to no discomfort.

PRP Facial Lift Therapy Testimonial


Results may vary between individuals

How PRP Facial Lift Therapy works

  1. 1The doctor withdraws 50-100ml of blood from your arm – which is just over 3 tablespoons
  2. 2The blood is placed into the PRP System. Much like a centrifuge it separates the blood, removing the plasma and platelets to be used later
  3. 3Topical anaesthetic is applied to your face and the PRP injected into predetermined sites
  4. 4You can leave the clinic and continue with your normal activities almost immediately
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The total cost of the procedure will be determined in clinic during your consultation with your specialist. For more detailed information please call our customer care team to arrange a consultation on 0203 907 8828.

PRP Face Lift £1,800
Course of 3 £4,800

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PRP Facial Lift consultations are available at all clinics listed below. Please note the PRP Facial Lift procedure is only carried out at our London clinic.

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