Six Of The Best Treatments For Summer

It took its time – and there were a couple of false starts – but it looks like summer is finally here. The long winter hibernation is over, and it’s time to get yourself prepped and primed for some fun in the sun. Your face and body’s needs change according to the season, so the treatments and products you choose in the winter won’t necessarily work as well when it’s warmer. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you, and rounded up six of the best anti-ageing/wellness selections for summer. Enjoy! HydroPlus Microdermabrasion Give your skin a fresh start for summer and put your best face forward with our HydroPlus Microdermabrasion. Often described as exfoliation with superpowers, our microdermabrasion uses a special applicator to gently buff and polish the skin’s surface, for maximum effectiveness. It removes dead skin cells and daily build-up, unblocks pores, prevents congestion and generally boosts skin renewal, to reveal a new radiant you. As an added bonus, microdermabrasion stimulates new collagen production, and helps topical skincare products to penetrate more effectively. Our HydroPlus option includes specially formulated nourishing serums, to rejuvenate skin and deliver a fresh, youthful glow. Botox Anti-Ageing Injections Still one of the best treatments for smoothing out lines and wrinkles on the upper half of the face, Botox is a versatile, safe injectable that will leave you looking rested and refreshed after just one treatment. The results are fast – and last for months – so if you book now you’ll look amazing the whole summer long. Laser Hair Removal For most of us, summer holidays mean bare legs and bikini lines. If you want to be silky-smooth in the sun, Laser Hair Removal is the treatment to try. We use only the most advanced lasers on the market, which can treat all skin types, and most hair colours, in less time than you’d think. Laser Hair Removal is fast (smaller areas take just minutes to treat), long-lasting and pain-free. Book a course today – and make stubbly shins a thing of the past this summer! Fat Freezing It’s hard to feel like the belle of the beach with surplus lumps and bumps. Boost your body confidence with our Fat Freezing treatment – a great way to tackle those stubborn fat deposits in common problem areas such as thighs, bottom, back, tummy and hips. Fat Freezing is a fabulous non-invasive alternative to surgical liposuction, and can achieve visible results after just one session! It works by (painlessly) freezing fat cells, which are then eliminated through the body’s own lymphatic system, leaving you looking slender and svelte. Body Contouring In addition to Fat Freezing, we also offer a range of Body Contouring treatments, designed to tackle all sorts of body concerns, including cellulite and saggy skin. Ask our advisors for further details. Vitamin Infusions Look and feel great from the inside out, with our Vitamin IV Infusions (also known as Vitamin Drips). Loved by celebs, they’re a fast, easy way to deliver vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly and immediately into your bloodstream – perfect for that new-season boost! We offer a range of different Infusions, so you can choose the best one for your individual needs, but in general terms, Vitamin Drips can increase energy levels, boost wellbeing, lift your mood and keep you hydrated – so you’re always ready for whatever summer throws at you. Treatment is painless and takes just 15 minutes, so it’s the ideal express option. For more information, or to book your appointment, call now on 0203 907 8828, and get yourself set for summer!