Soprano Laser Hair Removal Machines

laser hair removal on legs

Some Helpful – Hints & Tips

Find out more about the highest tech laser hair removal machines in the industry, Soprano ICE.

Men can have Laser Hair Removal as well

But the treatment is more successful on women than on men, because testosterone makes the hair follicles more resilient. Your therapist can assess your hair type and discuss your expectations.

Darker skin can also be treated with Laser Hair Removal

Paler skin types used to be best for successful treatment, but our Laser Hair Removal machines can now treat black and Asian skin just as easily.

There is no pain with Laser Hair Removal!

The IN-Motion technology means that most patients experience absolutely no pain, since the skin is kept cool as the laser sets to work. There’s no chance of burning or scarring!

Soprano Laser Hair Removal

The Soprano laser is recognised as the best because it can detect follicles with very little melanin content and can also find hair against very dark skin due to its more advanced melanin detection system. It also kills hair follicles in a 10 x 15cm area over several passes, killing it over time. This results in an effective and pain-free treatment and works great on sensitive areas, even the armpits and bikini line. Check out our Laser Hair Removal in London

Check out our deals for multiple body parts

You can choose any 4 areas from the following to create your own package: arms, chest, abdomen, full back, buttocks and shoulders. Our customer service team will tell you more when you call on 0845 555 5050.