Stand out for all the right reasons with Earfold®

Prominent or protruding ears are thought to affect around 2% of the UK population, and can cause real misery, especially in childhood, when name calling and bullying tend to be more common. But in today’s image-obsessed “selfie society”, even adults can suffer from low self-confidence/self-esteem, if they have what are unkindly described as “bat” or “jug” ears. Previously, the only way to address the problem was with an invasive operation called an otoplasty. However, this requires a general anaesthetic, surgical incisions (which often result in scarring), and a fairly lengthy recovery period. Happily, there’s now another option. Courthouse Clinics is proud to introduce Earfold® – a breakthrough procedure that offers a fast, effective, non-surgical solution to prominent and protruding ears.
How does Earfold® work?
Earfold® is a tiny, lightweight metal implant that’s inserted under the skin using a local anaesthetic – the whole procedure usually takes less than half an hour. An implant might sound scary, but this one measures just 5mm wide and is coated with 24-carat gold, to make it virtually invisible under the skin. While Earfold® is designed to permanently correct protruding ears, it’s reassuring to know it can be removed via a simple procedure, should the need ever arise. Another huge advantage is the fact that with Earfold®, patients can see exactly what their corrected ears will look like even before the procedure takes place, thanks to a ‘practice run’ with a temporary positioner called Prefold®. So the results are customised, instant – and healing happens within days, without the need for any bulky, conspicuous “round the head” dressings. Some people are sceptical that something so small can make such a big difference, but the many patient testimonials speak for themselves. Earfold® gets results.
Who is suitable for treatment?
Almost everyone! Earfold® has been designed to treat both adults and children from the age of seven. The fast treatment and recovery make the procedure especially suitable for younger patients – and the sooner the problem is addressed, the better it is for everyone concerned. Courthouse Clinics prides itself on being a doctor-led pioneer of new and innovative aesthetic procedures. Earfold® is performed at the flagship London Wimpole Street clinic, by the renowned Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon Dr Ash Labib – which means patients are in very safe hands. So be the centre of attention on your own terms – don’t let your ears be the reason you stand out! It’s never been easier to get the ears you’ve always wanted. Call today on 0203 907 8828 for more information, or to book a consultation.