Step Out Of The Dark…And Into The Light

The signs of ageing show themselves in many different ways. Fine lines transform into deep wrinkles; skin dries out and starts to sag; and pigmentation can cause problems on the face, hands and chest. Losing that youthful look can be a painful process – but there is a solution: the Lightfusion photofacial.
What is Lightfusion?
Lightfusion is a unique, advanced photofacial that delivers optimum skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing results. It’s a relaxing, non-invasive treatment that uses phototherapy to smooth, brighten, hydrate and energise the complexion. It’s suitable for all skin types – and can be used on different areas of the body. It can even be combined with other treatments for a more intense, youthful-looking glow.
How does Lightfusionwork?
The Lightfusion device uses LED technology combined with a unique hydrogel mask. It uses two specific wavelengths of light that have been clinically proven to stimulate collagen and elastin, improve blood flow and promote better tissue oxygenation. That sounds very scientific (and it is!) but in simple terms you’ll see improvements to tone, texture, wrinkles, facial folds, sun damage, acne scarring and pigmentation – often after just one session! There are plenty of long-term benefits too, as Lightfusion helps the skin cells to better absorb your usual skin care products. Best of all, Lightfusion is fast as well as effective. You simply lie back and relax after the mask and device are in place, and let the 30-minute treatment work its magic. The equipment is lightweight and doesn’t cover the eyes, so everything is comfortable and not at all claustrophobic.
All-round results
As explained, Lightfusion addresses a range of anti-ageing issues, including fine lines and wrinkles; dullness and dryness; sun damage and pigmentation. But it can also enhance other treatments that target different areas of the body. Our Réjuvalight treatment – exclusive to Courthouse Clinics – combines ultra-precise Réjavapen micro-needling with Lightfusion to stimulate cell regeneration and promote collagen production from deep within, resulting in smoother, younger-looking skin, with visibly enhanced radiance, texture and tone. Lightfusion also features in our new signature Bootyful treatment, which combines different body contouring, firming and anti-cellulite procedures to give you your dream derrière. It literally works from the bottom to the top! If you’re keen to experience firmer, smoother, more youthful-looking skin on your face and/or body, call today on 0203 907 8828 to arrange a Lightfusion consultation and appointment. Our expert team will advise you on the best treatment options for your individual needs. All you have to do turn up, lie back and see the light!