Take Control Of Your Curves With Vaser Lipo!

Cosmetic surgery can achieve excellent results – but it’s not without its downsides. First and foremost, it’s usually not a fast process. Factor in pre-op consultations, the actual procedure and all the post-op recovery, and you might be looking at weeks (if not months!) to achieve your desired result. But there are alternatives. If you’re looking to take control of your curves, Vaser Lipo is an excellent swift, non-surgical option that’s ideal for shifting stubborn areas of fat. Diet and exercise can help you lose weight – but not from specific areas. So if you’re struggling with those last few frustrating fat deposits, we have the solution.
Why Choose Vaser Lipo?
Also known as ‘lunchtime lipo’ because it can be performed in as little as an hour, Vaser Lipo is a fast, effective, non-invasive alternative to traditional liposuction. It uses ultrasound technology to heat up and liquefy fat, which makes it easy to remove. There are no large incisions, less bruising and a reduced risk of complications. Fat deposits are more accurately targeted, which means less downtime and a fast recovery. Seriously, what’s not to like? Vaser Lipo can treat unsightly lumps, bumps and rolls of fat on the back, tummy, arms, chest, buttocks, thighs – in fact, almost anywhere that has a little extra unwanted ‘cushioning’! It’s mostly used on smaller areas than traditional liposuction and works best on younger people who have more skin elasticity.
What Does The Treatment Involve?
First a specially formulated saline solution is injected, to numb the treatment area and shrink surrounding blood vessels. Next small, precise incisions are made which allow probes to be inserted. These probes use ultrasound to loosen the fat cells. These then mix with the saline solution, which is easily removed from the body using small cannulas. It’s that simple.
What Does It Cost?
Vaser Lipo procedures are tailored to each individual, so treatment costs vary too (but as a guide, one area starts at around £3,450). Call today for a consultation – and you could be lean and lithe in time for summer!