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“You couldn’t make it up!”

We recently received this incredible testimony from a very happy patient indeed. She’s asked to remain anonymous so as not to reveal her beauty secrets to all the land, but it was too good a story *not* to share:
Hi there, I had a botox treatment at your Maidenhead branch on Thursday September 26th, from Dr Robertson. The next day I flew to Spain for 4 days of partying with my best friend.  Lots of good wine and dancing! I returned to the UK on the Monday, at about midnight.  When I was going through border control I was slightly concerned as to why the border guard was taking longer than usual looking at me, my passport, back to me, and then back to scrutinise my passport. I asked her if there was any problem? She said that she was thinking that I looked much younger than my passport age.  You couldn’t make it up! I don’t know who I should propose marriage to, Passport Control or Dr Robertson! Needless to say I was really happy and I will be dining out on this story ad infinitum. Big up to Dr R.  Many thanks indeed!  
What high prise! Thank you, anon!