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week In Beauty Links

Your Week In Beauty Links

From remembering the importance of inner beauty to what happens when plastic surgery goes wrong, this week saw everything from male grooming to celeb health secrets revealed in the news. Here’s our round-up of the week’s most interesting industry stories.


Plastic Surgery Woes and Strife: Press was awash with stories of unhappy plastic surgery patients this week, underlining the importance once again of preparing mentally and physically for surgery- and of seeking out a qualified doctor with a spotless track record. This piece by Michele Willens in the Daily Beast is superb, and makes Alicia Douvall’s revelation that she had her EARS lobbed off to rectify faulty surgery all the more heartbreaking.


Katy Perry’s Beauty Secret: Vitamins. Lots of them! The “Firework” singer Tweeted a picture of herself holding veritable goody-bags heaving with pills. The loot was marked “upon rising”, “breakfast”, and “dinner”; keeping so healthy is a full-time job. It seems extreme, but whatever she’s doing seems to be working- Perry has always looked great.


The Changing Landscape of Male Grooming: Our very own Dr Patrick Bowler featured on The Huffington Post this week, commenting on the massive rise in male hair removal. At Courthouse Clinics we’ve spotted an incredible 156% increase in men getting Soprano Laser Hair Removal. What do you prefer for your guys- gruff and grizzly, or smooth and hair-free?


Through Chelsea’s Eyes: We’re really excited about Beauty Blogger Chelsea’s updates on life, fashion, and looking and feeling great


The sad death of Zach Sobiech:When 14-year old Zach found out that he had a rare form of terminal cancer, he decided to go all-out on his ultimate dream: he became a rock star. He passed away on May 20th, but his memory will inspire the inner beauty of us all in this amazing short film.


The Cannes Beauty Parade: The coverage of Hollywood’s descent on the renowned film festival has had us captivated. From Carey Mulligan’s amazing flawless glow, to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s incredible pout, the beauties on show have been encouraging us all to put our best face forward.


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