Sex tips, vampire facials, ditching the booze and wedding day tears

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Your Week In Beauty Links

Sex tips and vampire facials, ditching the booze and wedding day tears- you can’t accuse this week of skimping on the spunk for our weekly beauty link round-up!

The effects of a vampire:
Kim Kardashian hit headlines when she tweeted a photo of herself covered in her own blood as part of the increasing (and bizarre!) trend for the Vampire Facial. Kerry Katona is the latest celeb to give it a whirl- but her results have been far less desirable, as this piece in The Daily Mail reveals.


Sex advice from our fave celebs: the Huff Post have been doing some brilliant stuff on their “Women” page, and we’re a big fan of these sex quotes from female superstars. Sex is great for boosting circulation and burning calories, and is a healthy expression of love in a relationship. In terms of body health and confidence, it’s a winner!


The difference giving up the booze can make: Giles Coren wrote a great piece in Esquire about the transformative effects giving up drink have had on his health, physique, and wellbeing. He says that while he’s so happy about the results he’s achieved, he’s still a bit socially embarrassed about what people think about him for not drinking, though. His reflection on this is well worth a read.



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We need to talk about adult acne: A massive percentage of over 25’s will suffer from acne at some point in their lives- it isn’t simply an affliction of teens. This insightful account of adult acne is a really important contribution to the dialogue we need to have about something that is seldom talked about in beauty mags or websites. The revolution has begun. And don’t forget- we’ve got a brilliant (and free!) ebook on adult acne that you can download here.


Bloggers make a difference to a special day: We were mesmerised by this post from Lisa Eldridge this week, who revealed that a reader of hers all the way from the Neatherlands sent her a letter that made her cry. After watching Lisa’s fab tutorial videos, Marjet was able to help make her sister look beautiful on her wedding day, and wrote a gushing letter of thank to Lisa for all her help. Lovely!



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