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week In Beauty Links

Your Week In Beauty Links

Face slimmers and facials that sound like fancy Italian drinks; lasered lady gardens and the law of averages when it comes to the size of your waist. Here is this week’s beauty link round-up… 

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The Japanese Face Slimmer: ‘…imagine how thrilled HuffPost UK Lifestyle were to learn about an anti-ageing device that claims to give “sagging facial skin and muscles that much-needed daily lift”.’ We couldn’t help but giggle at this monsterous face-thinning contraption, as it’s definitely one of the more bonkers wrinkle-busters we’ve come across. What do you think? For only $61 it could be worth a whirl…

The Law of Averages: The UK’s average shape is now a curvy size 16, with “Ms Average”’s waist growing 7 inches since 1951. This piece from the Daily Mail explores the growing normalisation of a bigger size, looking at the pros and controversial cons of accepting bigger boobs and bums.

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ShinyStyle gets CoffeBerried:
Beauty writer Lauren Bravo hit up our Wimpole Street, London, clinic this month. She indulged in a Priori CoffeeBerry Enzyme Peel and gives a funny and insightful account of her first facial in… well. A long time.

What’s the deal with “revenge surgery”? asks Patrick Bowler: our medical director addressed the growing trend for divorcees seeking cosmetic enhancement to make their ex sorry they’d ever left. A fascinating read.

Laser hair removal on your sensitive bits: Laura Jane Williams wrote about her experience of Soprano Laser Hair Removal at Courthouse Clinics in the rudest way you could possibly image. This article probably isn’t safe to open at work, but it most certainly is worth checking out for a cheeky but totally honest account of the permanent hair removal process.

What I Heart Today: If you’re not already reading Lily Pebbles then you’re doing it wrong. WITH is sweet, funny, and her June Favourites vlog makes us want ALL THE THINGS. We’ve had our eye on this blog for a while now, and covet not only all the lovely featured products, but also Lily herself. Will you be our friend, love?

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