Turn Back Time With The Vampire Facial

It’s almost Halloween, the traditional time for ghosts, ghouls and blood-sucking beasts. Vampires famously do not age – but did you know that the facial named after them could keep you looking young too?
PRP Facial Lift: how, what, why?
PRP Facial Lift Therapy (better known as the Vampire Facial or Dracula Therapy) hit the headlines in earnest a few years ago when Kim Kardashian posted a blood-spattered photo of herself on her social media network after treating herself to the procedure. But what exactly is it, and how does it work? In short, PRP facials harness the anti-ageing and regenerative properties of a patient’s own blood. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma: platelets are tiny blood cells which play a key role in repairing damaged blood vessels and cells. These clever little powerhouses release growth proteins within the body’s tissues, stimulating collagen and elastin fibres. The result? Younger, firmer, smoother looking skin, with a natural radiant glow. Within reason, PRP can be used anywhere on the body, but the most common areas are the jawline, face and neck. The Vampire Facial begins when one of our expert doctors gently and carefully withdraws blood from your arm. Not much is needed – just 50-100ml, or around three tablespoons. Next comes the science part. Your blood is placed into the specialist PRP system centrifuge. This spins and separates the blood, removing the plasma and platelets, which are subsequently injected into your face using tiny needles. Don’t worry! A topical anaesthetic is applied beforehand, making the process virtually painless. The procedure itself takes just 30 minutes for most patients, and the effects last for up to six months. A course of three is recommended for optimum results.
Who is it suitable for?
The Vampire Lift is an advanced, non-surgical anti-ageing therapy, so it’s an ideal treatment option for anyone approaching or over forty. It’s one of the most natural and organic ways to improve general skin health and appearance. More specifically, it tackles fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, stretch marks, skin laxity, sun damage, volume loss, and that tell-tale ‘tired’ or ‘worn’ look that other anti-ageing treatments don’t address.
Our recommendation!
For an even more effective anti-ageing boost, why not try our signature Rejuvanight treatment package? Available exclusively at Courthouse Clinics, Rejuvanight combines PRP Facial Lift Therapy with Réjuvapen® microneedling and the Lightfusion™ LED photofacial, for ultimate skin rejuvenation. So there’s no need to look a fright this Halloween season! Call us today on 0203 907 8828 for more information about PRP Facial Lift Therapy – and let our Vampire Facial bring your complexion back to life.