Valentine’s Day Botox

valentine's day botox

New figures suggest that the women of the U.K. are hinting at Botox injections as their romantic Valentine’s Day gift.

Traditionally, social media is awash with jokes leading up to the big day advising men to avoid petrol forecourt flowers, cheap chocolates, and nasty-looking lingerie. But seldom is anything mentioned about the offer of non-surgical cosmetic enhancement as the go-to surprise.

Almost 80% of women want Botox from their partner this year – apparently, 78% say they’d be impressed if they were gifted the anti-ageing injectable. 15% of women polled said they’d be “mildly pleased but concerned”, too. Topping the wish list is dermal fillers, botox, and teeth whitening.

However, fellas, be warned: leg vein removal, skin tightening and laser hair removal are absolutely not what your lady is looking for. Also in the no-go box is botox for excessive sweating, too. A brightening skin peel could see you get rewarded duly, though!

The results are part of a study carried about by the Good Surgeon Guide, in response to the question “Which aesthetic treatments can I give as a Valentine’s Day gift without offending her?”

In our opinion, any gift you get for your significant other should say more about them than it does you. If *you* think the woman in your life could do with smaller thighs or younger-looking skin, that doesn’t mean she does. If, however, you’ve talked over the luxury treats she’s been considering or has hinted at, or you’ve openly discussed together, vouchers from Courthouse Clinics could do just the job.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!