`Voice Lift´ Surgery Increasingly Popular

vocal surgery
In an ageing population such as ours, it is no surprise that many older people are now turning to `voice-lift´ surgery in order to restore their voice to a less damaged, younger tone. This has particularly become popular with high-end businessmen and politicians wanting to retain a professional, authoritative aura in their work. With men´s voices can begin to show signs of ageing from as early as thirty years old, `voice lift´ procedures could become a norm in our career-driven society. As a person ages, their vocal cords- or folds- no longer close tightly, allowing air to escape and creating that characteristic ageing, breathy voice. In order to repair the voice, the folds must therefore be brought closer together, by plumping them up with a chosen substance. The surgical procedure involves injecting stomach-fat into the vocal cords, although it has been argued that this should only be considered as a last resort. Collagen is chosen by some phonosurgeons (doctors treating the vocal cords), but this is thought to only work in the short term, as well as make the vocal cords too stiff. An alternative is filler injections, or, if more substance is needed on the vocal cords, tiny Gore-tex or silicone implants are used instead. At Courthouse Clinics, we care about the older generation, and understand that although ageing is inevitable, it is important to retain the confidence and vitality of youth. Though `voice lifts´ are a relatively new procedure and as yet are not available at our clinics, the rise of this procedure´s popularity demonstrates that the anti-ageing cosmetic industry shows no sign of slowing. We are proud to offer a wide range of procedures for this indisputable demand, ranging from skin tightening and rejuvenating techniques, to a variety of injectable treatments for lines and wrinkles. Every older person has a right to grow old gracefully in the easiest way available: a strong belief consistently fulfilled by Courthouse Clinics.