Week In Beauty Links

week In Beauty Links

This week in beauty links is fashioning itself with makeovers. From speedy image-changing tips, to getting the retro look, to campaigning the #DareToBare look, we’ve got it covered. This is your week in beauty links.

Fashionable Liverpool’s “no sun bed” rule The Geordie Shore crew would be shocked to see that Liverpool Fashion Week (starts October 14th 2013) has banned their models from using  sunbeds. My Fashion Life has shared this interesting news story, noting that it’s part of the projects pact to ensure the health and wellbeing of their models and audience. Best alternative? Stick to the fake bake.

The #selfie look Allure shared some inspiring thoughts on the undeniable trend of editing self-portraits we regularly snap up on our smart phones. The article talks about the need to reconsider the reasons why we do so much post production to our photos and share it to the world. Are we doing it because we want other people’s recognition or do we do it simply for ourselves? Maybe it’s time to turn up the notch on focusing on enjoying what it is we’re taking photos of!

Would you consider a make-under? As part of the Children In Need 2013 campaign, the ‘BareFaced’ project is encouraging celebrities to go for a day without any makeup. Now magazine have shared photos of inspirational stars who have already done it, including Kimberly Walsh, Alex Jones and Sheridan Smith. The beauty blogger Tattooed Tea lady has done it, when will you do it?

The busy lady’s guide to getting ready Hurrah, Real Simple have shared some great tips on how to get ready in minimal time! Too little time for your nails to dry? Can’t afford to wait a whole day for your eyes to de-puff? Need more time to sort out streaky tan? Have a look at their ten nuggets advice- we can’t get enough of them!

Make-up techniquesWhat would you look like in the 1950s? Seeing as the retro look is a current beauty fave, Beauty World News has shared great tips on how to master the look Bridgette Bardot and Elizabeth Taylor effortlessly pulled off. It’s all about the glam hair and eyeliner flicks…

Transform yourself into a YouTube beauty star The 8th most popular YouTube icon Ingrid Nilsen shares her pearls of wisdom with NY Magazine on how to be huge on the global media platform, where she now makes a five figure salary each month from following her passion for beauty. We love the advice on picking a timeless brand name, engaging with the audience on social media and talking about things you genuinely love. To all you aspiring beauty bloggers out, give this a go!

The Girls on Top FormGetting ready for the ultimate girls’ night out Total Beauty have given their readers nine pointers on how to look your most gorgeous self on a night out. Make sure you’re using the right blusher and blend it well on the apples of your cheeks, add more dimension to your lips with some gloss and master the retro look on your eyes with your fave eyeliner. It’s time to be the sassy head-turner.