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week In Beauty Links

Your Week In Beauty Links

This week there’s a lot about saying no. Put your foot down to fast food, stand up to your friends, and no – henna tattoos are not a safe alternative to the real thing. Here is your week in beauty links…

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 16.51.26Friends Don’t Let Friends Pig Out:
 If your friends eat rubbish, does this also mean you have to eat the same junk? This is an amusing article on women employing peer pressure to force their own friends into eating more fast food. Standing up for yourself isn’t a piece of cake [ha, ha] and choking out a ‘no thank you’ mightn’t cut it. Just remember, the reason why people will often ask you to relax your diet is because they consider themselves to be without the willpower. Stay strong. You might encourage your friends to join you!


Henna Tattoos May Put You At Risk: This week, we’re shocked to find out that temporary tattoos can also be dangerous. It has been exposed that ‘temporary’ doesn’t mean risk free. Be wary of “Black henna”: it’s used in place of traditional henna, and a sneaky little ingredient called p-phenylenediamine (PPD) can cause dangerous skin reactions. So, if you do decide to swan down the beach in a bikini this summer, think before adding an extra accouterment to your skin.


Rejecting Fast Food: How much do Brits value the loving care that their food is made with? As a nation we don’t tend care that much. Bolivians have said au revoir to Mac Donald’s, closing down eight of the beloved American fast food chains. They have taken the moral high ground, placing value in the good old home-cooked meal. It’s unlikely that we will be following suit…but what would happen to our waistlines if we did


DIY Skin Care: Beautylish claims this is The Ultimate after-sun remedy. We are familiar with the beautiful and soothing relief aloe vera, but now it has come to our attention that lavender essential oil and black tea are also ingredients we should be reaching for. If you’re burnt to a crisp, find cold relief in this DIY recipe. And wear sunscreen next time!


Milk Please: Perhaps we needn’t feel guilty about having a milky summer refresher. We were thrilled
to discover in this article, that females who drink skimmed milk each day suffer fewer cravings, during their menstrual cycle. So please, go ahead and order your iced milky beverage… just opt for skimmed milk.


Get The Glow: Summer is in full swing and it’s time to enjoy this gorgeous weather with beautiful skin. BecomeGorgeous has bestowed its knowledge on 7 nourishing foods that will revitalise lackluster skin and hair. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish will improve radiance, they say.

Fading Hair Colour: Maintaining dyed hair can cause some serious aggravation. This week beauty blogger fridayisforever, tackles another hair drama; how to prevent colour hair from fading. This is particularly relevant with all the sunshine around, which will lighten the brassy bleach in your hair.


If you’re a blogger and fancy trying your hand at our weekly beauty link round-up, let us know on [email protected] and let’s see what you can do!