The Week In Beauty Links

week In Beauty Links

Your Week In Beauty Links

Get beautiful from the inside out. This week’s posts are fruit-filled and focussed on your inner well-being. Here’s your week in beauty links…

Untitleddownside1Counteract low self-esteem by listening to the way that you talk to yourself: 
Negative self-talking: don’t do it. Dr Linda Papadopulos, psychologist and TV presenter, imparts her knowledge on how to overcome low self-esteem. It sounds cliché, but ‘me’ time should be our top priority. Managing your time efficiently to incorporate ‘me’ time has plenty of positive effects. It will make you feel good about yourself, and feeling good will also impact how well you function and look. Have you penciled in your ‘me’ time yet?


The Perks of Looking on The Bright Side: In a similar fashion, The Huffington Post explores the health benefits of optimism. A new study has revealed that most people around the world see the proverbial glass half full. Surprised? That said, researchers have also discovered there are associations between having a positive outlook and improved physical health.  So if you desire a healthy heart, low cholesterol, or a strong immune system we suggest you up your game in the happiness department. How exactly? Only you can answer that.


How To Stop Eating Because of Stress: Lorens World explores the harmful effects of eating due to stress. Mindless eating is a common problem, triggering unwanted weight-gain, lethargy and general negativity. Relieving stress by eating when you aren’t even hungry is a terrible habit leading to a plethora of damaging effects. If you want to break a bad habit read on.


Eat More Strawberries For Whiter Teeth: Strawberries keep teeth healthy. Yes, really- scrubbing your teeth with strawberries will whiten them. Researchers have discovered that polyphenols in strawberries inhibit the breakdown of starches in the mouth. In short this means less plaque and whiter teeth. Be warned, however, as frequent use of this home remedy could damage your enamel from the acidity. Be gentle!


Snacking before bedtime – it’s okay: If you frequently lie in bed at night watching time go by, Lauren Conrad’s sleep remedies could help. We are delighted to learn that a bedtime snack is not a faux pas and it could actually help you restless people get some sleep. But before you get carried away there are rules. A SNACK is not a meal and high carb, low protein foods are advised. We admit that cottage cheese, cashews, chicken, turkey, soybeans and tuna don’t quite match up to the biscuit tin… but still, we can snack before bed!


The Dangers of Waxing Your Hoo-Ha: Stylist reveals the beauty habits that are bad for our health. Summer calls for a trip to the waxing salon. However, it’s alarming to discover that a Bikini Wax will significantly increase your chances of contracting an infection during sex, due to small tears or nicks in the skin. So you have been warned! Shaving or laser could be a safer option.


Beauty Is All About Blending: This week, beauty blogger GetTheGloss has posted an amazing selection of smoothie recipes from an array of health and beauty experts. Smoothies are the perfect way for time-poor individuals to pack in vital nutrients, antioxidants, protein and fibre into their diets. So if your skin is in need for some beautifying, grab your blender and have a go at some of these.


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