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week In Beauty Links

Your Week in Beauty Links

Autumn LeavesThis week we’ve felt the autumn breeze seeping through our jackets as the orange leaves fall off the trees. It’s the first week of October, which means breast cancer awareness month has just started. We’ve also spotted some handy hints on what’s hot for seasonal hair colour, useful remedies to catch some shut-eye, and how to keep fit as the days get shorter… This is your week in beauty links.

Berry, plum and all things nice: Beauty bloggers have been sharing their know-how advice on what makeup colour palette we should be sticking to during autumn. Blogger Emily describes in her blog ‘Beleza’ by Ems the need for “burnt-out hues” and tasty plum colours for eye shadow, with a teasing golden skin highlighter. Ellis agrees with the dark forest berry theme, and stresses on the need to have makeup which is durable— read more on what she has to say here on her blog Ellis Rose. On the fashion side of things, Donald from Your Style Forecast teaches us a thing or two on the monochrome look and a sexy splash of burgundy.

Hibernation for blondesHibernation time for peroxide blondes: The trending hair colour for the autumn season is the smouldering chocolate tone. Cosmopolitan magazine has spotted the hottest celebs showcasing the colour, including Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian and Kate Upton . Think honey blonde, champagne red, and warm dark brown.

Shorter days— use your energy: As nights are getting longer, the desire to maintain an exercise regime gets less appealing when tempted by the Great British Bake Off. But, alas, these couch potato worries are solved with these marvellous pointers, as described on Mercola’s fitness website. It’s about setting realistic goals, and above all enjoying it!

Be the queen of beauty sleeps with these trusty products Glamour magazine has recommended to its readers. If you’re having a restless night’s sleep, there’s no harm in trying them out. It includes some nice smelling overnight facial masks, aromatic balms, and gentle eye serums. Fluff up your pillows and prepare for a deep sleep as the nights get chillier.Getting comfy

Celebrate Halloween, naughty-style: Dita von Teese has recently released her cheeky collection of lingerie called ‘Sheer Witchery’, which is guaranteed to bring out the most devilish side to even the most innocent of females. The Daily Mail has released some saucy snapshots of the new line , which includes corsets, balconette bras and lacey knickers. Speaking of underwear, there has also been much hype over the behind-the-scenes shots of Mr Beckham running the rooftops of Bricklane, as Vogue kindly shared. Any excuse to segue into a half-dressed man!

Bridge is BackLonger nights in: She may straighten her hair with an iron and apply makeup badly in a taxi, but Bridget Jones is back. Helen Fielding’s third volume ‘Mad About the Boy’ has hit the headlines, alongside some exclusive extracts published in the Sunday Times with Jones as a 51 year old widowed mother of two, as E! Notes shares.  It’s set to be released October 10th 2013, so get ready to curl up with the novel as winter sets in.

Pink Ribbon

Helping hand: the Metro has published great tips on how be there for friends or family members who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast Cancer Awareness month is a great time to raise awareness and remind sufferers that they’re not alone. It’s the most common cancer in the UK so let’s all stand together and fight it!