Week in Beauty Links

week In Beauty Links

This week in the world of beauty, we’ve seen an enticing mix of stories hitting the headlines. From L’Oréal Paris’ new face, a plastic surgeon modelling noses similar to the Eiffel Tower, to cowboy Botox problems, we’re keeping you updated. This is your week in beauty.The perfect proportions?

The ideal nose is similar to France’s most iconic monument according to a plastic surgeon, the Eiffel tower. After seeing a picture of the Eiffel Tower advertised on a Chinese taxi cab, he believes he’s discovered the perfect nose proportions. Like the Eiffel tower, it’s got the 85 degrees nose-to-face angle. NY Mag have shared some funny photos of further monumental tools for inspiration, click here.

Because Lara Stone’s worth it, according to L’Oréal Paris. It was announced earlier this week that the Dutch model married to David Walliams is the next spokesperson for the global beauty brand, including their hair and makeup categories. Stone shared her excitement “I am so flattered to join L’Oréal Paris. Getting the chance to say ‘You’re Worth It’ to women around the world is a great honour”, as Vogue notesL_Oreal Logo

23 year old breast cancer patient blogs her beauty tips, the BBC reports. Calling it her ‘naughty disease’, Laura Cannon raises awareness about young people battling with cancer, as well as great beauty advice for patients. Reaching out to 150,000+ followers, have a look at what this courageous chick is writing about here.

What are Amazon UK’s most popular beauty products? As part of the e-commerce’s 15th birthday, their top beauty 15 products customers can’t get enough of has been revealed. Selling over 350,000 products, their most favoured items include Olay’s anti-ageing creams and St Mortiz self-tanning mousse. The Woman Magazine showcases the other beautiful delights here.

Chop and changing hairstylesHair that’s short-lasting according to a recently published survey on women and hairstyleswe change our styles on average 36 times in a lifetime! The Telegraph notes “We’re most likely to keep returning to shoulder length hair – our most favoured length, say 48 per cent of us. Nearly a quarter of us feel at our best with chin length cuts, while 22 per cent give the classic long do a thumbs up, and six per cent love a crop”.

Watch out for cowboy Botox practices! As the Daily Mail published earlier this week, a woman from Scarborough has been charged for misleading her customers on the over her Botox qualification and background. It lead to one patient receiving a swollen eye who then approached a soliciter. This is an important wakeup call to make sure you choose a fully-qualified practitioner for your health and safety!

Denise Van Outen reveals her beauty kit on twitter @denise_vanouten shared to her 585,000+ followers: “About to face the press. Been practising my showbiz smile. Too much, or can I give it a bit more pizazz?”. Have look at the photo on Reveal, so many beauty treats to gawk at!