Why winter is the ideal time to start your Laser Hair Removal

Christmas is only a few short weeks away, which might seem like a strange time to be thinking about bare legs and bikini lines. We know only too well that winter is the season of warm coats and woolly tights – but it’s also the perfect time of year to start your course of Laser Hair Removal. And here’s why.
Laser Hair Removal is safe, fast and effective, but most areas require six to eight treatments – plus growth time in between – for optimum results. This is because the Laser needs to target hair when it’s in its active (anagen) growth stage. During this stage, the hair is growing, and is fully attached to the papilla. When the Laser makes contact with the hair in this stage of its growth cycle, the heat is absorbed by the hair’s melanin, and transmitted down to the papilla. From there it destroys the root, preventing new hair growth. During the other two phases of the cycle, when the hair is either fully or partially detached, this process is much less effective. Hair follicles are independent, and all three phases occur simultaneously – otherwise all your hair would fall out at once! That means only a certain percentage of hair is ever in the anagen growth phase at any one time, therefore multiple treatments are needed to target the maximum number of hairs. So if you want to be smooth by next summer, there’s no time to lose! Start your treatment now, and you’ll be hair-free by the time the sun returns. Another reason why winter works for Laser Hair Removal? It’s easier to avoid sun exposure, which isn’t recommended during treatment. As we’re generally more covered up at this time of the year, re-growth between treatments is less of an issue too.
While multiple Laser Hair Removal treatments are needed for optimum results, the treatment time itself is fast. Smaller areas, such as the bikini line, can take as little as ten minutes to treat. So in the long run, compared with other methods such as shaving or waxing, you’ll still be saving lots of time, effort – and money!
At Courthouse Clinics, we use only the best in class Soprano Lasers, which can treat all skin types, and most hair colours. Best of all, thanks to their sophisticated technology – and our expert aestheticians – treatment is virtually painless!
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