Would you ditch the deodorant?

laser hair removal woman
Last month, actress Cameron Diaz said she hasn’t worn anti-perspirant for 20 years while actors Matthew McConaughey and Bradley Cooper claim they never spray their underarms, but it’s not just the A-list who are shunning anti-perspirant.. With more and more following suit is it time we all looked into alternatives? There has never been a way of selectively targeting and treating both the Eccrine glands, located superficially in the skin that cause sweating and the Apocrine glands that cause odour.. until now! We at Courthouse now offer Alma SweatX™ – breakthrough Dielectric radiofrequency heats the water molecules around the sweat glands, which respond by rotating rapidly, causing friction and generating heat to selectively deactivate both the Eccrine and Apocrine glands, leaving sweat and smell free. During the Alma SweatX™ procedure, your aesthetician will use a hand piece to apply thermal energy to the treatment area, gradually building up heat. The pain free treatment is administrated in just 20 minutes achieving immediate improvement with lasting results after only 2-4 sessions. No special preparations are needed before your appointment and because there are no side effects, you can resume your normal activities immediately after treatment. Click here to find out more about this revolutionary technology! Happy Friday everyone! Courthouse Clinics