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week In Beauty Links

Over the past couple of months the youngest ‘Kardashian’ sister – Kylie Jenner has had somewhat of a makeover. The teenager has changed her style and look, making her appear much older than her 17 years. Much attention has been drawn to her lips as many claim to think she has had them enlarged. We’d like to think this is all down to clever makeup as lip enlargement at such a young age is not something we support.

Kylie Jenner

The nominees for this year’s British Style Award have been announced- David Beckham, Amal Clooney, Emma Watson, to just name a few. All though these are all fair contenders there are still a few surprises – for example, last year’s winner Harry Styles didn’t make the cut this year. Never the less, the British Fashion Council have decided who they believe are the best-dressed people in Britain but do you agree? Check out this article by The Guardian to find out exactly what 20 women and men represent the best of British fashion sense.

British Style Awards

The world renown lingerie company Victoria’s Secret have been under much scrutiny this week as their new advertising campaign promotes ‘The Perfect Body’, reports The Telegraph in this article. Many claim the models they have used portray ‘the perfect body’ are unhealthy and sending a damaging message. This has resulted in hundreds of people signing a petition calling Victoria’s Secret to change their message on their advertising campaigns. What do you think – do these women represent the perfect body?

Victoria's Secret