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week In Beauty Links

There was a great article on the Telegraph online this week that will answer all your burning questions on IPL and Laser hair removal. Our very own Dr Patrick Bowler gives his professional opinion and discusses if it works, if it’s painful and how IPL and laser compare to each other. If you’re not sure of the benefits of IPL and Laser or if you’d like to know more about how it all works then this is definitely a great read for you!


The Mail online reported of a somewhat peculiar story yesterday – how Chinese women travel to South Korea for plastic surgery so drastic they can’t get through airport security on their way back. These women are seeking a more ‘Western’ look and sometimes undergo such large transformations they’re unrecognizable. Due to this becoming a recent problem some airports have now started giving out ‘plastic surgery  certificates’ that include the patient’s passport number, what hospital they’ve been treated at and the length of their visit in order to be able to re-enter China. We must say that after seeing the before and after pictures of some of these women we’re not surprised this is becoming a problem!

Plastic Surgery

And on to today’s or maybe what will become this year’s most talked about photo – a magazine cover of a very oily and large Kim Kardashian bum, of course! Braise yourself, these might be the most jaw-dropping Kim K pictures ever and knowing Kim isn’t one to hide her derriere you this must be something out of the ordinary. However, as reported by the Independent here we must agree that nothing Kim does goes unplanned. With the fitting title ‘Break the Internet’ this might just be what Kim did today.

Kim Kardashian