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week In Beauty Links

Beyonce’s younger sister Solange got married earlier this week but unfortunately a skin disaster struck! The beautiful bride broke out in hives all over her face as seen here on the Mail online. These can be very painful and last for a longer time however, they are not dangerous. This was most likely a result of wedding planning stress and anxiety. Others can be prone to hives when exposed to sun or as a result of an allergic reaction. This shows how important it is to just stop and take a deep breath now and then!

Solange Knowles

Have you heard of ‘vacation breasts’? It’s a new boob enlargement injection that lasts for 2-3 weeks from across the pond, created by a New York plastic surgeon. BUT, before you get your hopes up – this Metro article reports how risky this procedure can be!

Vacation Boobs

The Huffington Post reports that ‘buttne’ is fast becoming a thing with increasingly busy lifestyles and yoga-pant-wearing. Essentially this is acne but on your bum and many suffer from it. Buttne is caused by tight clothing and the sweating caused by it. When you then sit down, the sweat and bacteria that has stuck to your bum clogs your pores and acne appears. Read the article to find out how to get rid of it and what foods to stock up on…