Your Week in Beauty Links

The Guardian have listed what they believe will be 2015’s biggest beauty trends and we’re intrigued. Bold brows and ‘Twiggy lashes’ don’t come as a big surprise and with Kim Kardashian’s latest bum pictures neither does the ‘Brazilian butt lift’. However, after the countless jokes that were made on the expenses of Kim, we’re not so convinced that Everyone will be aiming for a Kardashian behind in the new year, wouldn’t you agree?

Brazilian Butt Lift

This week also saw a whole lot of talk of vaginas and how they now can be bioengineered into smelling like peaches. As reported by the Independent, outrage struck around the world but ‘Sweet Peach’ defend themselves by saying this is not the only reason for their controversial invention. Read it all here!


Another Botox success story has hit the press this week as a young woman had Botox for cosmetic reasons but later realised it had cleared up her painful eczema. The Mail online tells her story here where Danielle says “For the first time in years I liked how I looked, I liked what I saw in the mirror.”