Your Week in Beauty Links

How much younger would you like to look? Four women were invited to see which wrinkles they would loose and which they would keep in an experiment reported by The Mail online. Juvederm facial fillers (available here) maker, Allergan, assembled a panel of women in their early 50s to find out just how many would be able to resist the temptation of a wrinkle-free complexion. You might find the results surprising as all of them preferred natural versions of themselves with minor tweaks – so do we!


With the new year around the corner you might have already started to plan your New Year resolutions and as we all know the most popular one is to eat healthier and exercise more. So, how will you be getting fit in 2015? According to a recent poll carried out by American College of Sport Medicine as reported here, the workout trend of the new year will be taking us back to basics. Remember when Zuma was THE ultimate training fad? Well the biggest training trend in 2015 is said to be Bodyweight training – think squats, pushups, lunges and planks. Will you be jumping on the bandwagon?


Throughout the year we’ve witnessed some bizarre cosmetic surgery stories that we’ve shared with you here on the blog but this might just be this year’s winner. A 23-year-old makeup artist from Manchester worships Kim Kardashian so much he’s decided he wants to look like her. However, the results are shocking! Take a look for yourself here on the Huffington Post.

Kim Kardashian